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need dental work

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apparently there are no dentists offering support on this page. It's a shame because most

apparently there are no dentists offering support on this page. It's a shame because most of us are here because of the economy. I too had insurance and a good job. I was scheduled to have oral surgery when I was let go from work. That was 2 yrs. ago. I am 57 w/ bad bottom teeth and can't get even get past the first interview. My bottom teeth don't show when I smile but they show when I speak certain words. I can't believe society thinks I am useless! I have so much to offer and my general health is good. I just don't get it.
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Desperate for dental repair work

I am desperate to find a kind dentist to help me with a lot of work I need on my teeth. I went to one last May 2011 and they broke one of my teeth and now it is decaying and very painful. I also have old bridgework and the teeth underneath it have started to decay and since May 2011 I have been living on painkillers and have lost a tremendous amount of weight because I can't eat with a bridge that is loose and I'm afraid it will fall out and then I'll have half of my front teeth missing. I am desperate to find help and since I am terribly petrified of the dentist I am hoping I can find someone who will give me anesthesia because of that fear. I am desperate, please someone help me!!!!
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Braces please !!!!

Hi I am a 16 years old I need braces desperately and I have no insurance of any kind and i really need dental work , its just my mother and I and she doesn't make much and we cant afford them and i would like to be able to smile with confidence instead of embarrassment. please if there is anyone out there that knows of anyone who would donate brace or cheap price for brace because i think they range from 1000 to 6000 and thats just not possible for us.
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in much need of dental work...

I am in need of some major dental work. I put it off to long for lack of insurance and money, now I can barley handle the pain. I have been searching for some low income places that might be able to help out or of course no cost places. There seems to be no help here in my town. However, I will travel to close town if need be and would love to be able to make some kind of payments. I'm not much of a mother right now because of the mouth pain. I sent a message to the company to a lady named Nancy McGuire at, I'm hoping to hear a response from her. Has anyone heard about this and do you think they can lend a hand. Have a great day. :)

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About dixie595


I am a 57 year old disabled female.  I live on a fixed income and just do not have enough money for dental care after all my other medical expenses.  I am on at lease 30 medications and I have to pay up to 20% of the cost, plus all my living expenses.  I was hit in the mouth by my ex when I was younger.  My two front teeth were pushed up against the roof of my mouth.  I did not go to the dentist, I just pushed them back down into place.  They were good for a long time but in the last couple of years the bone will not hold them.  I had them checked at a dentist but they wanted $2500.00 to fix a partial or plate and pull the bad ones.  One of th front ones came out and the other is so loose it could come out at any time.  It is always sore and eating is a problem.  I am also very very embarrassed and self concious when I go out with one front tooth gone and the other turning black.  I would appreciate help.  I have heart problems. diabetes, lung problems and pheochromocytoma, No one helps pay for dental work and I don,t know of a dental clinic or dentist that does pro-bono work.  Anyone that can help would be appreciated.    

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Oregon Free Medical Clinics and Free Dental Clinics

Are you needing free medical or dental help? If so then Click the link for information regarding free dental or free medical clinics in your area. Just click the link to find the nearest one by you.

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About edwardl1972

i'm 37 and disabled and in need of dental work. i dont have dental insurance and cant afford to pay for what i need done. is there anyone in texas that can help that dont have a three year waiting list?

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About austin11

I am a senior citzen my teeth are bad on one side I have pain cant eat in front of no one I want to go back to school I took the money and went to the denist to get the estamate I need help now before the last tooth he can hook on to is gone I got them broke by my exhusband I get 600.00 a month and 300.00 goes to rent the light food and copays I do not have medicade I can not get help can someone find in in there heart to please help me I help others all the time  I pray I reach someone I cant small and my time is limited please help me my email is I will pray for each and everone I live on no money and now I get no food stamps I have no ca rhope to one day have one Ike took everything pictures all I have is memorys my live is simple all I can do is ask I watch on Ellen and others shows about help I thank you for your time I see make over shows whwere they fix teeth denist teams do it for free they do the need kind I dont want false teeth most of mine are good please help me save them I would be willing to make a small payment if it took missing a meal a day I see so many peoople with a beauitful smile to whom ever reads this its almost christmas I wish you a merry one and may all your needs be meet thank you again

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About Prof

I am filling this out because I am desperate.

I am in constant pain and I can't take it anymore. My wisdom teeth on both sides are completely crooked and hurt, a lot, the last time I could afford a dental visit I was told I needed surgery. I couldn't even afford a follow up visit, let alone surgery. The wisdom teeth broke a molar and that has become infected, it hurts to talk, it hurts to chew, it just hurts.

A few hours ago it got worse, to the point that for over an hour I couldn't even move. I curled into a ball on my bed and simply held on as hard as I could trying not to pass out from the sheer pain of it. I am an adjunct instructor, I cannot work like this, I don't have insurance and have a grand total of $300 to my name, with which I will have to still pay my rent and buy food for the month with.

I'm still trying to recover from a bankruptcy so I have no credit cards and cannot get a loan or any type of financing. It hurts bad enough that I am shaking even as I type this. I'm an adjunct teacher, I get paid by the hour, if I miss any work it could be disasterous, I get no type of health or dental insurance. I don't even have anything I can pawn for the money to afford dental work, I don't own a car, I rent my small apartment, I don't own a single thing I could sell except for this computer (which I need for work) and an old 19" CRT television.

I tried to go through a clinic nearby but they claim that they have to go on a month's income. My monthly income appears to be pretty good... On months where the students have no days off and there is actually class... But the problem is, and what the clinic doesn't understand, is that I have to budget myself for months like, well, December... Where I only am allowed to work for 1 week out of the pay period, they told me I had to wait until one of those low months before they could treat me at a discounted rate.

I was told removal of the wisdom teeth would be over $800 and the bad tooth would need $1,200 to root canal. That is $2,000, that is what I take home in 2 "complete" months. Even if I opt to lose the molar in place of the root canal it will be nearly $1,000. I'm scared.

If I can't get this taken care of, I won't be able to work. If I can't work I'm going to lose the little that I have been able to get for myself trying to recover from the bankruptcy. I already lost everything once, I can't go through that again. I don't know what to do, I don't know who I can go to for help, and everyone else I have tried has turned me down.

If anyone has advice, please, I'm desperate.

I live in a small town in Georgia.

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About needdentalworkbad

I am a 32 year old mother of 5 children and I am in need of dental work desperately. I am a domestic abuse survivor from my previous marriage. My ex husband broken two of my teeth that were in the front and since then my entire confidence has been shattered. I am remarried now and I have a great husband but he has not seen my smile because of the missing teeth that I have. I also have bad teeth genes from my mother and father and need alot of work done. I have a discount dental insurance but even with that the dentist that I visited after discount is still over $4000 and with my husband working a temporary job he does not have insurance nor can we afford dental care. Just when I was about to get dental work done my husband lost his job (because of recession cut backs)I really need some help my last marriage was a very horrible experience, my ex husband was very abusive (verbally & physically) and although I have a God sent husband now I still need help. Please if there is anything that anyone could do I really would love help because I have teeth in my mouth that are really giving me trouble. And it is so hard when my children come to me and ask what happened to my teeth or can't smile with them on there pictures that we take together. My oldest (stepdaughter) graduates this Tuesday from High School along with my son's kindergarten graduation next Thursday and it hurts me that I won't be able to smile at their graduations. Please Help! I even looked at the imako teef and can't even afford that one. God Bless you and keep you.


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About passsion


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About Decara

Hi! I am a single parent and I really need this dental work before I in a worst point. I'm not sure who you are and if this is as serious as it is to me. But please take the time and try to help me. The last time I went to the dentist they told me that I would need over $6000.00 dollars in dental work. I'm unemployed and really need help.
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I am in DESPERATE need of major dental work.........

well so here it is......I have been searching for several years now for a company that would be willing to help me out in some way with cheap or free dental work.  I am 26 years old and work for a non-profit youth ministry organization and as you can imagine working in the ministry does not bring in very much money at all.  I grew up in a large family with very low income and so unfortunately there wasn't any way to really go to the dentist.  I actually have never been to the dentist before in my life.

 Born with a calcium deficency, my teeth rotted out at an early age and slowly started to deterirate over the years.  I ended going to a free clinic and they pulled out all of the bad teeth leaving me 4 on top and 5 on the bottom.  I now only have 2 on top and 5 on the bottom and they are slowly fading as well. 

I am honestly not sure if anyone is going to read this but I thought it was worth it to try.  If you have any information of a company that would be willing to help me in anyway please email me and I will send pictures and give more information.  I am on the verge of giving up right now as I feel that I have exhausted my options.

My email address is


Thank you for your time

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Desperately seeking financial assistance for dental work and vision exam and glasses

I am a married woman with limited resources and am in desperate need of some financial assistance so I can have some dental work done and have my eyes checked and glasses replaced. My husband is retired from the military and our dental insurance won't cover the complete cost of this dental work and we have no vision coverage of any kind. He served in the Army for 20 years. I am disabled and my sole source of income is Social Security. My husband gets military retirement, VA benefits and Social Security for retirement. We aren't eligible for any type of assistance because we make a bit too much to qualify, but we still are not in a position to come up with the kind of money that we need for things like this. He also needs to have his partial replaced, and we haven't even looked into that because of the cost. I am desperate because I know that I will have bigger problems ahead of me unless and until I can get this tooth fixed.
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I am a 52 year old recently married (for the first time) woman who moved to Texas with my husband in 2004. He's retired from the military, and I am a disabled homemaker.

I am an avid gardener, manage an online gardening forum and am active in our church. We live in a wonderful community and have made some really great friends here, but financially, we are stretched as thin as the flimsiest piece of string in the world....We opted to get military dental insurance and it has helped us out so far. Now I am faced with needing to have a crown made for a tooth that is cracked and chipped and even with insurance paying 50% of the cost, we cannot afford to pay for it. Over the last several years, I have had to have a lot of dental work done, none of which would have been covered by insurance, but my mother graciously paid for all of it. Now things are tight for her financially so I don't want to ask her to help me again. This, and the fact that we have no vision insurance and I need to have my eyes checked and have my glasses replaced (as they are starting to fall apart,) are causing a lot of strain between my husband and me...I am looking for any means of help I can find so that I can get these things taken care of soon -- both so I don't encounter worse problems and so that it doesn't further strain things at home...

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need help with my teeth

Hi my name is Tiffany Renea Jackson

I am in really back need to get some donations so that i can get my teeth fixed they are so bad that it is bring my health down i am lucky to still be alive because of all of the posions in my body from my teeth.

I can go for days without eatting because they hurt so bad and i am in so much pain half of the time from the cold air it would be great if i could have my teeth done befor summer is of because when winter get here all of the cold air is really bad on my teeth .

i would be very greaful i people out there could help me out with some donations so that i can get rid of this pain i have have it now for three year and my health is going down hill because of the posions in my body.


                                   Tiffany renea jackson

                                   1321 w 8th

                                 Elk City,Ok,73644

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In desperate need of a new smile...

I am trying to find an agency or program in Colorado that offers pro-bono dental work.  I have dental insurance at work, but it doesn’t begin to cover what I need done. I have 7 broken teeth on the bottom front part of my mouth.  I have difficulty speaking, eating and kissing my husband.  I keep my jaw propped open at night with cotton balls to keep from breaking any more.  My upper teeth were fixed several years ago, but the expenses are still haunting me. I am terrified of dentists and have panic attacks when I go. I cannot remember the last time I had a sandwich or even smiled. If you know of anyone who helps people in this type of circumstance, please email me.

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   I am a fifty year old R.D.H. on social security disability, I am in need to dental work very badly , I need 3 extractions, 3 fillings and an upper and lower paritial denture.  I have gone through a divorce and trying to start all over .  My credit is in bad shape and I'm trying to get it straight,but I need a part- time job to help supplement my income and in order to get a job I'll  need some teeth, I don't have dental insurance and no one to help me. Is there any type of  help out there for me ?  I'm just trying to get my life together .I live in Columbia Tennessee, but I have transportation to surroungding cities for help.  Thanks   In Advance Constance S.Steele
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